About Us

Handpiece-Turbines.com is part of a family owned company that keeps the focus on people, not numbers.  Our goal is to satisfy our customers, not return shareholder profits.  We are confident that we offer the highest quality turbines available at prices that just cannot be beat!

From our early beginnings in the dental industry, we have always been a market leader because of a combination of product knowledge and customer service.  At every stage of our growth, we will continue to emphasize superior knowledge, combined with customer service excellence and highly aggressive pricing.  If you purchase a turbine from us and have trouble installing it, call us and we will do everything to assist you.  Still having trouble, send us your handpiece and we will provide simple installation for no charge!

As our customer, you will benefit from the hard work of some of the industries brightest and most innovative people.  Training and retraining keeps our team ahead of the competition.  Whether it is a single turbine purchase, or a production-run sized order, it is easy to see why so many dentists choose Handpiece-Turbines.com.

Please enjoy browsing the rest of our site and contact us with any questions.