Handpiece Repair Service

Let us install your turbines, repair your slowspeeds, & service your small equipment too!

 Highspeeds & Slowspeeds
Nosecones, Angle Adapters, Contra-Angles & Latch Heads
Electric Handpieces
Endodontic Motors & Attachments
Sonic Air Scalers
Cavitron-type Ultrasonic Scaler Unit
Autoclaves & Statims
Lab Motors and Control Boxes

We are affordable, factory authorized service on most of the handpieces and small equipment in your office.  We can install one of our own turbines into a highspeed handpiece (just an additional $25 to install one turbine, or and additional $15 each to install two or more turbines) or perform a complete rebuild on your favorite slowspeed motor.  No repair is too big or too small.  We are here to help you.  If requested, estimates are provided the same day we receive the item and most repairs performed within 24 hours of approval.

We offer FREE shipping to us on all handpiece repairs.

Try us just once and you will see why thousands of dentists across the country trust us with their handpiece and small equipment repairs.

Call us today at 631-675-6961 and begin saving $$$!
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